When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do | Travel Guide

Day 1

Where To Stay

Italy is filled with so much history and is such a beautiful place. During my time in the county I decided to tour Rome and the gorgeous cities surrounding it. While in Rome I stayed at the Grand Hotel Tiberio. This hotel had so much to offer their guests. For starters, they offer complimentary breakfast that serves croissants, ham, juices and so on. They also offered airport shuttling service during our departure and shuttle service to historic parts of town. I didn’t discover this until after the shuttle time was over during the evening, but I did take advantage of it the following day. I was given a spacious room with a queen size bed and gorgeous shower only bathroom. There was also a pizza place within walking distance of the hotel that I just cant seem to remember the name of, but their pizza was delicious. I probably ate there everyday during my entire time there. the Grand Hotel Tiberio is a place that I would recommend staying if you plan to visit Rome and you want to receive more bang for your bucks.

Where To Go

While Rome is a gorgeous city in Italy, there are other cities within Italy as well. As mentioned my hotel did offer free shuttle service to some historic places and Vatican City was one of these places. Between its art and architecture I was completely amazed. I couldn’t believe everything that my eyes were seeing. I was seeing beautiful sculptures and painted ceilings that that been around for centuries. This is one of the reasons I enjoy traveling outside of the country. There is so much to learn when exploring different wonders of the world. Now, when I was on the property you are free to roam around where ever you want wearing what ever you want. But they do have a strict policy when entering into the historic church. As a woman, your shoulders must be covered and you cannot wear any thing above your knees. I was unaware of this during the time of my visit and luckily they do have men outside of the location selling scarves so women can cover certain areas before entering the church. There are also no drinks allowed inside so you will be expected to throw away your drink before entering.

Day 2

On day two I did some exploring around Rome. I went to one of their shopping areas and I even snagged some delicious freshly made strawberry ice cream from The Gelatist. Rome was pretty hot so I would advise you to have a bottle of water while you’re out exploring. Although, there are many people seen selling water almost everywhere you go. On this particular day this ice cream did its job by keeping me cool. After exploring some shops I stumbled upon some thing like a hop on hop off bus service. I purchased tickets for the bus so I could hop on and hop off at different tourist attractions, but the bus company was fairly new and there was a bit of difficulty getting onto the bus they were merged with. All in all, I finally got on and made my way to my first tourist attraction of the day.

After the scenic bus ride I got off at the Colosseum, which is a must when tourist visit Rome. A lot of companies are going to try to sell you tickets to get inside, but thank goodness I didn’t fall for it. Tickets to get inside were way cheaper at the Colosseum. The Colosseum was known as one of the largest amphitheaters ever built during its time holding 50,000 to 80,000 spectators. It’s the perfect place to take tons of pictures and video. It’s also such a unique piece of architecture. It’s just a daily reminder of how long the world has existed and the existence of those that were here before us.

Where To Eat

Later on that night, which was my last night in Rome, me and my family were searching for a nice restaurant to dine in. Our first day we were basically living off pizza. In Vatican City there’s an alley, close to the historic church, filled with restaurants. While walking down the alley we stumbled upon Ristorante IL Pozzetto. The reason was stopped here was because that’s where most locals were dining so it had to be good. We honestly made a great decision by stopping here because this was the best food we tasted in Italy. I ordered the lasagna and my family ordered either ravioli or seafood pasta. All of the dishes here were so good that we even ordered food to take back to our hotel room. The next morning we made our way to the airport to head to our next destination, which was Paris.

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