Bowlero Is The BEST Family Fun Experience In South Florida!

Bowlero has by far becoming one of my favorite places for an overall awesome night out in South Florida. Living in SoFlo, it has always been a struggle for me when it comes to finding things to do, especially with my family. Minus the beach, which is extremely prominent for tourists and some locals, in Soflo there really isn’t much to do outside of that. This past week was actually my first time visiting Bowlero and I have a lot to brag about. When it comes to overall experience, Bowlero gets a 10 across the board from me. Im one that’s all for great experiences and I’m going to get into how my recent visit here made mine one to remember. If you’re unsure of what Bowlero is, I’m going to give you a brief breakdown of who they are and what service they provide.

Bowlero is a bowling, dining and nightlife experience all in one. Bowlero provides blacklight bowling, retro-inspired hangout powered by interactive arcade games, signature cocktails and an outrageous menu of oversized shareable plates. Whatever you previously thought about bowling you can throw that out the window. Bowlero provides a sort of one and only experience that you can only get when you go there. Now, let’s get in to my overall recent experience. I went around 5pm when Bowlero’s newest location in Dania Beach opened. Myself and my family of 5 were the first guests there. We booked a two hour bowling session. I’m not one of the best bowlers and i haven’t bowled in years, but I most certainly picked up a few skills while here. After bowling for about an hour we were a bit hungry so we decided to order food from their menu.


I went with the “alley sampler” to start, which is something a family of 4-5 can share. It comes with buffalo wings, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, cheese sticks and french fries. Along with this, I ordered the pepperoni pizza. I love a good cocktail during a nice outing so I decided to try their blue long island. The service, along with the food, was beyond exceptional. They have an attendant that comes around to not only take your food and drink orders, but to assure that whatever you may need is taken care of. This place also has a cool bar area for the adults that just want to kick back and enjoy the vibes. There’s an arcade with tons of classic games for the kids too. So, even if your bowling experience is finished you can play arcade games after.

All in all I had such a great experience here. From food, to fun and service I have zero complaints! If you’re looking for a family fun night out or even a cool date night, Bowlero is the place you should visit. They have a full day of fun in one setting plus so much more!


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