It’s A Neon Lights and Ferris Wheel Kind Of Night At The South Florida Fair!

Am I the only one that get super excited when the annual state fair comes to town? Living in Miami all of my life I’d usually visit the same fair in my city every year. I’m always anxious for that time of the year to get on rides, eat fair food and enjoy a nice night out with the family. Well, this year the time has come early. Recently, I discovered that there was another state fair located outside of my city and it was only an hour away.

The South Florida Fair is located in West Palm Beach, Florida and I’m super excited to share my experience visiting it for the first time ever! My entry tickets were gifted to me so all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the experience. First, I was given a tour of expo located inside of the fair ground building where there were virtual reality games that kids can play, Chinese acrobat and comedy shows. Did I mention I also met the Food Network’s Cake Wars‘ very own Beth Townsend and viewed her beautiful display of cake sculptures? While exiting the expo this is where the real fun began.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the bright lights and the smell of fair sweet treats. On the way to the fair I’d already set my mind on grabbing a powdered sugar funnel cake as soon as I spotted it and that’s exactly what I did. Fresh off the press, full of fluff and extra powdered sugar, what a sugar rush. Next, I had to grab a turkey leg it wouldn’t be a full fair experience without having a few bites of smoked turkey. It was so moist and tender, but I had to stop there or I was going to burst.

I didn’t want to over stuff myself so I decided to call it a night and not try anything else. I walked off the food that I ate and made my way to the fair games. I always suck as these, but I try my luck every year. The water race to see which teddy bear reaches the top first is always my favorite and is what I tried first. Of course I didn’t win anything, but the participating in the games is always fun to me.

I went to the fair with my family as well so one of us were bound to win one of those giant fair prizes. I wind up going home with the largest stuffed animal I could spot and that was a purple unicorn. When it came to getting on rides the lines were a bit long. So, I didn’t even attempt to try and get on them. I did however manage to snag some fair food on the way out that I could enjoy later.

To sum up my experience I would say I had a phenomenal time, especially being there with my family. The fair expo offered more than I’ve ever seen at my cities local fair. The games definitely come in second place due to me only winning one prize. Plus, the food was absolutely amazing, I ate until my stomach almost burst. If you’re a South Florida resident like myself and you were unaware of this annual fair I would strongly recommend visiting at least once.

The South Florida Fair is here from January 17th – February 2nd. I’ve linked their website below so be sure to grab some tickets for you and your family.



  1. Joan says:

    How much is it to get in? How was the food? I would love to take my kids.

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