Tap 42 Aventura Aims To Please With Their Food, Atmosphere and Service!

If you’re familiar with the Aventura area in Miami, then you know that they’ve been working on renovating the food court section of the local Aventura Mall for a while. Well, I finally had the chance to view the new renovations during my visit to Tap 42 which is one of the newer restaurants apart of the mall and I must say I am fairly impressed. I visited Tap 42 during their lunch hour on a Wednesday and it was so relaxing. Myself and my guests decided to sit outside to enjoy the breeze, which is rare in Miami because it’s either scorching hot or raining. We started off with a few cocktails and for me personally I love cocktails that have a more sweet taste to them. All of the cocktails that I ordered were recommended by the waitress and I definitely enjoyed them. You could taste the alcohol but, it was not overbearing to where you couldn’t enjoy your drink and that’s an automatic A+ for me.

I then went on to order a few appetizers, I saw photos of the street corn guacamole online and I had to try it for myself. As I continued to scan over the menu the short rib beef sliders caught my attention as well. Once the appetizers arrived I decided to dig right in. The short rib beef sliders were seasoned to perfection and so moist. I’m not sure of the sauce that was added as well as the cheese but, they were the perfect additions to top it off with a fluffy bun. Next, I went over to the street corn guacamole. If you know me you know I love guac and I must say this has been the BEST by far. They mixed their guac with corn and added toppings as well. The guac and the corn chips were such a tasty combination. I even sampled their salsa and that was great as well.

After the appetizers the entrees started to arrive. I decided to go all out and try their skirt steak, mahi-mahi and baby back ribs. They all came with sides and my favorite was by far the skirt steak. The reason being is their chimichurri sauce that I poured over the entire steak. There’s nothing like a well cooked medium rare steak with some tangy chimichurri to go on top. The mahi-mahi-mahi was my second favorite due to the fish being moist and blending well with their vegetable fried rice. I also squeezed fresh lemon on top just to give it that extra flavor. Then there were the baby back ribs that came with a side of chicken wings and fries. Although, ribs are always the last thing I would order while visiting a restaurant I actually enjoyed them. The french fries were nice and crisp how I love them and I love a nice dry fried chicken wing. Tap 42 exceeded my expectations with their entrees but, it didn’t stop there.

Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding

To top off those cocktails, appetizers and entrees I had to make room for dessert. Now, I am not a fan of bread pudding at all but, I decided to try it because everyone makes their desserts different. When I say I fell in love immediately that’s an understatement! Their bread pudding was mixed with what seemed to be a brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle. Those combinations together created a New Years party in my mouth. Although I was full I continued to eat it, I couldn’t resist. All in all Tap 42 has become my new go to stop, especially for happy hour. If you’re ever in Miami I’d recommend visiting here for great food, service and atmosphere. Tap 42 you’ve really outdone yourself and you’ve earned a life long customer.



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