All Aboard The Polar Express In Fort Lauderdale, FL!

Choo Choo, all aboardddddd The Polar Express! I mean who doesn’t love the Polar Express movie am I right? Once I heard that they had the films experience in Miami I had to be there. I was gifted tickets for me and my family to be apart of the experience and I have to say I truly enjoyed it. The Miami experience was completely sold out once I heard about it so I had to make my way to Fort Lauderdale, which isn’t that far from me. Our train departed from the Brightline station at 12:10pm and myself as well as my family arrived around 11:30am. The train boarded around 12:00pm, we grabbed our seats and we were off.

Once the train took off we were given an introduction welcoming us to The Polar Express, after this is when the entertainment began. The trained was filled with dancing, singing and even story time with entertainers reading The Polar Express book. They allowed kids on the train and help with story time by turning the pages. Even while entertaining they invited the kids to the middle of the isles to showcase their dance moves. During the entertainment they even gave out hot coco with cookies to go with it.

My 5 year old nephew enjoyed all of the entertainment and even participated in the dance party that took place in the middle of the isle. If this wasn’t enough of an enjoyable experience, the ever so famous Santa Claus himself made an appearance to surprise all of the little boys and girls on the train. In all honesty, I think I enjoyed it more than the kids especially because I love the movie. It’s the perfect activity for family and I would highly recommend it if it’s making its stop to your city. If you’re looking to book the experience for the holidays I’ve linked the website below but, hurry because they sell out extremely quick.

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