How To Spend A Virtual Family Christmas This Holiday Season

Christmas is by far one of my absolute favorite holidays. During the holiday season is when I always want to be around my family the most. It’s just something about the holidays that puts me into such great cheer. From the Christmas sweet treats to the holiday decorations, it’s no wonder why I’m always in the holiday spirit. Around the holidays I tend to always be with my family, especially my mother. Our Christmas tradition is baking together, well she usually does most of the baking and I do most of the eating. We make it our mission to leave out “cookies for Santa” on Christmas eve as it has become a family tradition. Since covid-19 hit I have been unable to spend much time with family and partake in family traditions. I want to be sure my family, as well as myself, are safe during this time and this Christmas will be the first time that we aren’t spending it with one another. Though this saddens me I may have found some ways for me and my family to still be together for the holidays without actually being in the same household. 

If you’re familiar with booking a stay through Airbnb then you should be familiar with Airbnb’s experiences. This holiday season Airbnb came up with ways for families to still be together while at a distance. With their virtual courses online, you and up to 30 of your family members can learn How To Make Pie Crust with Jo in Houston virtually. This is a great idea for families that still want to be together and celebrate those traditions during the holiday. My personal favorite since I happen to be vegetarian is Vegan Holiday Baking with Eva in Slovenia. This is where you can learn to make vegan baked goods from donuts to cookies to muffins and it’s absolutely perfect for the holiday setting.

I’ve partnered with Airbnb, but as always all opinions are my own.


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